(...) source of informal,unreliable, completely misleading leaks (and some good tip) about next Snipe South European Championship and all the hell getting around in these prep. months! (...)


..big big blu!!

So, the "BigBlu" boat-show 2011ed. (tks God!) is over!

Many friends at our stand and some great news about our Class: one of only two classes having rising numbers at local level during 2010!

On Sunday were rewarded our District Champions (pix down here)..

meanwhile several guys usually sailing in other classes, started to seek for infos about SSEC, willing take part to the "big deal" of our racing season!

Tks to all snipers viewed at BigBlu and to Faccenda Boat-builder and Speed-Sails, for all stuffs, making our stand possible also this year!

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