(...) source of informal,unreliable, completely misleading leaks (and some good tip) about next Snipe South European Championship and all the hell getting around in these prep. months! (...)


expiration date for pre-registration: POSTPONED!!


expiration date for pre-registration at Snipe South European Champ.
has been postponed to saturday 9th of July!!

From today is available the pre-registration form, so please download, full-fill and send the form down here to sec2011@asns.it

Anyway all pre-registrations already sent,
have been correctly loaded .


almost ready...

Lake Bracciano
- July 17th
Regional Regatta open to international crews as a warm up to SSEC
- July 22nd-24th
Snipe South European Championship

For both the races the location will be Yacht Club Bracciano Est

Remember to pre enroll untill the june 22nd (ref: nor)
email to: sec2011@asns.it specifying sail number and crew


Shipping from Spain!

Here we go with another opportunity for snipers coming from Spain:

# 10% discount on ticket + extra cab. + veichle (car/caravan);
# 20% discount on meter-lenght for road-trailer;

for any other info click here or in the side-bar links!



SSEC staff is working to find special-price solutions for SSEC entrants.

About that we got Hotel Casale Residence offering accomodations at low-season prices and special conditions for all folks taking part to SSEC.

Clicking here you'll be redirect on official web-site of this venue, where you'll find all infos to make your own reservation.

At this moment you have to consider these two issues:
1. Hotel Casale is quite near to SSEC facilities (reaching by a short walk);
2. They have few availability still, so if you are that kind of sailor that loves reach the club and forget the car till the end of the regatta (as I am), move your ass and make your reservation asap!

straight to SSEC2011!!

..next step in Italy and inside IV Zone District, towards Snipe South European Championship!

17-19 giugno - German Open - 3rd National 2011
25-26 giugno - Lake Bracciano Sailing Contest - IV District - Regional Championship (2 days regatta)
1-3 luglio - Piada Trophy in Cervia
17 luglio - YCBE (Lake Bracciano) - IV - Regional Championship: warm-up to SSEC!!
22-24 luglio - Snipe South European Championship